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Name: Phil Coleman

Passion: Doing Life Together, Discipleship, Songwriting

Funny Fact: I had two nieces born on the same day. And they aren’t twins!

Why are you here: Because they don’t have a 4 Rivers in Texas and it’s way too hot! - I’m only kidding of course!

After serving as the worship leader at EPIC for 5 years, I can say with confidence that the EPIC community is like a second family to me.  I grew up going to Youth Group at University Carillon, so I’m passionate about not just students, but the students of EPIC. I met my closest friends in youth group at UCUMC, so it is my desire that they may encounter Jesus like I did as a teenager and build community that will last a lifetime.  I want students to know that they can be who they are at EPIC, because God loves them as they are

Things I Love: My Wife Casey, my family & friends, health & fitness, exploring Orlando, playing basketball, watching Orlando Magic Basketball & Nebraska Football, and going to the movies. 

Best Sandwich You’ve Ever Made: Sandwich making is an art.  I have made many great sandwiches in my life, but my favorite sandwich is constructed every year at Thanksgiving.  I like to call it ‘The Turkey Day Special’ It consists of turkey, ham, and every single side available wedged inside the roll.  It usually results in extreme enjoyment.  Proceed with caution, this sandwich is not for those with ‘selective tastebuds’