We believe families are essential to the healthy upbringing of students which is why EPIC is committed to not just coming alongside students in their life journey, but alongside families as well.

One of the ways we strongly believe families can impact one another in a positive way is through communication.  We know students aren't exactly the best at effectively communicating what is happening in their lives, so we want to do our best to help.  Every month EPIC sends out a parent newsletter detailing upcoming events, activities, programs, message themes and other items to keep you as parents informed.  All you have to do is email Holly Fohr @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will add you to the contact list.  Be sure to check out the EVENTS page to stay up to date with upcoming events and activities that are taking place here at EPIC.

We also encourage parents to get involved and volunteer at EPIC.  Reason one is because we need you.  We schedule over 60 background checked adult volunteers monthly and it takes about 20 adult leaders every week to make a Sunday night happen.  Secondly, your child needs you.  They don't need you hovering over their shoulder or anything like that, but there is something to parents investing in activities their students have invested in.  We find there is a sense of unity created between child and parent in their shared commitment and investment.  Adult leaders also receive a monthly newsletter detailing different needs and activities taking place at EPIC and give you an inside look at the different events taking place. 

Also, please visit our Missions page that has information on mission trips and ongoing projects.
If you ever have any questions about newsletters or events or anything else for that matter, please contact Phil Coleman @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Gently used or new pool tables
  • Gently used or new couches
  • Rice Cooker
  • Pool Sticks
  • Ping Pong paddles
  • Ping Pong balls
  • Highlighter(any colors)
  • Starbuck cards for student discipleship
  • Sticky tack/Ticky Tack
  • Blue painters paint for dodgeball