If compassion is only something we feel, then the people who need it most still go without.

At EPIC, compassion isn't just a feeling it is a catalyst to action.  We live in a hurting and broken world and we believe that you can bring hope and change in this world. Sometimes figuring out how to make a difference is the hardest part, which is why we are here to help. There are different opportunities throughout the year for you  to use your gifts to serve others in our community and around the world.


World Vision Child Sponsorship Epic students have committed to sponsoring Jesulene Saint Martin through the World Vision HopeChild sponsorship program. Jesulene is a young girl who lives in a community in Haiti that is affected by HIV and AIDS. Students raise $35 per month which provides basic life necessities, education, counseling, and AIDS prevention trianing based on biblical values for Jesulene and her community. You can write letters to Jesulene, pray for her and bring any donations to EPIC during service times.


For Upcoming Mission Opportunities, including more details, dates and sign up information, go to the > Events Page