May 27: No Wednesday Worship

May 27: No Wednesday Worship

May 27, 2020

No Worship Wednesday tonight, but we encourage you to check out last week’s! After a few songs of worship, Phil and Casey brought in their friend Kyle for a conversation about the need for racial reconciliation, and the way that need is close to God’s heart. As this need continues to be all the more fitting, we encourage you to listen in. —interview starts 28:40.

“As Christians, we understand that God made all people and all people have value. There’s a very specific reason He made us all different.

…And then you think about how the Bible often describes the church as a body. And when you think of a body, it has different parts—head, hands, feet, toes—everything is different. Can you imagine a body walking around with all hands? Or all feet? Or all heads? Like, that would be terrible. There is beauty in being individuals and who we are, but there’s also an important piece of embracing uniqueness.

…if you believe the things God does are wonderful and perfect, then you have to look at yourself and say, “Man…if I’m around all hands, I’m missing out. And other people are missing out.”