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Sundays | 3PM or 5PM

Family Groups

For this season, our weekly gatherings for high school will be in Family Groups! We’re excited for the space smaller, consistent groups can create for building trust, sharing life, having fun and growing deeper with Jesus together. Family Groups will gather as small groups (about 10-12 high schoolers) every Sunday afternoon to do just that! (We didn’t feel like Family Groups would be complete without some Family Feud happening too…so get ready for some fun between groups!)

We have a few times and ways (in person or on Zoom) your student can be part of them! We ask all students to sign up in advance (form above) for Family Groups. (updated 9/2/2020)
3 PM—in person (at EPIC)
5 PM—in person (at EPIC)
5 PM—online

*Note: One of the biggest changes happening includes enhanced safety protocol for all in person gatherings, including Family Groups: Students are required to wear masks, and practice social distancing. Temperatures will be taken before all gatherings with a touch-free thermometer, and hand-sanitizing stations are available in all meeting spaces. Please honor these as a way of practically loving our community. You can find a full list of safety protocols here.

The Zoom link will be sent to our Parent Newsletter via email every Sunday by 9 AM. All of our Zoom gatherings have passwords; for safety, these are not posted on social media. Please reach out to if you need the link. We’d happy to send it!

“Can I switch Family Groups?”
We ask that you’d try to stick with the group you start with. Building community, trust and closeness will work best that way! We understand if a consistent schedule change comes up (or you need to switch online because of something related to COVID-19!). Please reach out to Phil or Holly (emails at the bottom) with any questions here.

In person groups will not be mixing or switching students (for easier tracking of who’s been with who).

“Is there a “deadline” to sign up for Family Groups?”
A Family Groups will not “close” unless one has a max capacity of students. It is never too late to sign up…students are welcome and encouraged to join anytime, and to invite a friend to sign up anytime too! However, we highly encourage students to sign up early so they can be part of groups as they kick off!

Where are groups meeting?
Groups will meet on the EPIC basketball courts or socially distant inside EPIC. While groups are meeting, students should keep their masks on and sit 6 feet apart.