Desserts for Straight Street

Desserts for Straight Street

Desserts for Straight Street
Monday, May 4th—drop off between 9 AM and 12 PM

The past few weeks have held a lot of chaos and change…not just in our world, and probably in your world too, but right here in our city. A growing number of homeless folks in our local community have been affected by changes with COVID-19, and more and more have been going hungry daily. Straight Street Orlando has been incredible in doing all they can to meet that need, by providing pop-up meals for the local homeless population throughout the week. And the best we can in this season, we want to join them!

A few incredible people at the church have committed to providing a hot meal for these folks on Monday night (May 4th)…but they need some help providing dessert. EPIC—that’s where you come in!!

Whether you love baking, or whether you know you could handle Slice & Bake or boxed brownie mix…we need your help! We’ll be providing about 250 desserts for Straight Street this Monday, so we need 10 volunteers to bake 25 cookies or brownies (individually packaged) for our homeless friends for this Monday, May 4th!

A few notes:

  • Please be sure to package the desserts individually. This is a big deal, to help keep our friends at Straight Street safe and healthy. You can package them in individual plastic bags, plastic wrap, etc. 
  • Drop them off between 9AM—noon in the church lobby on Monday (5/4). There will be a table with a sign.
  • Please make sure your brownies and cookies do not have nuts. A lot of people have allergies and we want to be sensitive to that!
  • If you can make enough, be generous with sizes! Big brownies = better brownies. (I think we would all agree.)  🙂