Colossians 4:18, Daily Devo

Colossians 4:18, Daily Devo

May 19, 2020

Today’s scripture: Colossians 4:18 • Hudson

Last Colossians devotional and we’re excited to finish with a STUDENT TAKEOVER! Hudson finishing us out by reflecting on Paul’s story and send-out message in Colossians 4:18: “Remember my chains.”

“The way Paul was freed from his chains reminded me of a time, a little over a year ago, when I broke my knee-cap. I was stuck in bed for a while…I was in crutches for over a month, and not gonna lie, was starting to lose some faith in God. …I remember when my faith was restored. I was “crutching” around the park with my friend, and these two girls came up and asked about my knee. …and they asked, “Can we pray for you?” And it helped me to have my faith healed. It didn’t take the crutches off my arms, but it took the crutches off my mind and my heart to get my faith back.”

Questions to think about:
– Has there been a time when you’ve been freed from your chains?
– What in life has caused you to forget God’s grace or be pulled from it?